Ordering & Shipping

Ordering with BuyShroomsCanada.ca is done much the same as any other online store you’ve bought from, with the major difference being fewer payment options for the sake of greater anonymity.

Adding Products to Your Cart:

Browse our current collection of shrooms and derivatives by visiting our shop page.

  • Click on individual products for additional information on that product and ordering/quantity options.
  • Add a product to your cart by clicking on the "Add to cart" button after making your gram/piece selection (if applicable.) Dried mushrooms start with amounts as low as 1 gram, but have multiple options available with discounts up to half-ounces (14g).
  • The additional field labeled ‘quantity’ refers to the amount of the previous selection you’d like to order. For example – if you choose 14 grams, then select a quantity of 2 – you are ordering 2 packages of 14 grams for a total of 28 grams.
  • When an amount selection is available, you will be unable to click on the ‘add to cart’ button until it has been selected (otherwise we don’t know how much you’d like!) The button will appear lighter as it does in the image below.
  • If you’d like to add more than one product to your order, continue this process for anything else you’d like to order by revisiting the shop page.
  • Your selections will be remembered and added to your virtual ‘shopping cart’ until you check out. The small shopping cart icon on the top of the page will indicate how many products you currently have in your cart, and can be clicked on to review and edit your order at any time.
Choosing Quantities

Completing Your Order:

Once you’ve added the products you’d like to your shopping cart, click on the "Checkout" tab up top, or click on the shopping cart icon at the very top right to adjust any quantities or remove any items you may have added that you no longer want.

If you’re on your cart page adjusting your order, click on "Proceed to checkout" once you’re ready to finalize your purchase.
  1. Enter your name and shipping address.
  2. Choose your shipping option if available (if eligible for free shipping make sure to select it, it will not be automatically applied otherwise.)
  3. Click on the "Place order" button to complete your order.

The order completed page will show any further details you’ll need to complete your Interac e-Transfer to us for your order. If you’re new to the process don’t worry – it’s quick and easy; and only requires you have online banking access from just about any Canadian bank or Credit Union. (If you’d like to make alternate payment arrangements please contact us first.

To Pay By Interac e-Transfer:

Depending on your financial institution these instructions may vary, but for most:

  1. Log in to your online banking through your browser or mobile app.
  2. Find the option "e-transfers" or something similar, click on it and choose "Interac e-Transfer". Some online banking services may alternatively have a direct link to Interac payments, in which case use that.
  3. Create a new transfer to us using the details you were provided after placing your order.
    • Some banks will require adding a us as a recipient (someone you can send payments to) first, before you can make a transfer. If so, add us with whatever name you’d like (the name is only for your reference and doesn’t have to be anything related to “shrooms”) and the e-mail provided after your placed your order. (Also available in your order confirmation e-mail.)
    • Choose us as the recipient (or enter in our details if the previous step was not required,) fill in the amount to send as per your invoice, and use the "Secret Question" and answer you were provided after checkout.
    • Click on "Send" or "Send to Recipient" (the wording may vary) to complete the transaction.

This brief video may better explain the process for some: